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MetaAgility Knowledge Engineering offers the following services:

  • KIX - We provide open source KIX, a federated web collaboration tool. KIX is a scalable framework for integrated development and usage of knowledge - we install KIX and provide assistance with technology ownership. Alternatively, we will host KIX as a service for you. See KIX technology for typical applications in business, engineering, science and government.
  • KEEP - KEEP is a knowledge engineering process developed by MetaAgility. We tailor KEEP to your business needs.
  • X3P - X3P is a light-weight extensible peer-to-peer protocol with an open source implementation. The X3P technology is intended for extensible B2B automation - we provide free software and assistance with technology ownership.
  • ALMA - ALMA is an affordable and highly scalable agile e-learning tool. We provide free software and the development of interactive course modules for any relevant business domain, either from existing or newly developed conceptual models.

The above services are supported by software modules developed by MetaAgility and most of these are available as Open Source (see the software distribution page).

KIX and KEEP are our main offering to our clients. KEEP has been designed to bring strong productivity acceleration in R&D organisations. KEEP has its focus on the business case. The aim is to assist clients to become much more competitive by achieving much shorter time-to-market and by being able to offer more sophisticated products and services at lower prices. KEEP is under constant improvement and development.

KEEP is a process supported by several original software products developed by MetaAgility. These are available as needed without charge on public source licence to MetaAgility clients. The most important one is KIX, a web-server framework, designed to support agile knowledge use integrated with knowledge development in a domain adjustable manner.

The scalability of the KIX framework to global scale has been achieved by the use of the light-weight X3P protocol. X3P is an extensible peer-to-peer application protocol. A reference implementation of X3P has been achieved over HTTP; The use of interconnected HTTP servers provides easy integration in any network, while the use of back-channels both for authorisation and responses to service requests gives high resilience to external interference.

Another tool example is our web based RDF browser. KEEP and its supporting tools are all exploiting a recent knowledge representation standard from W3C. The standard is known as Resource Description Framework or RDF. This is a link to an RDF browser demonstration.

ALMA is the first important example, which demonstrates how KIX can be extended. ALMA is a new web-based framework for e-learning.

ALMA uses e-learning modules which have been generated automatically as knowledge mappings from domain knowledge documents (using RDF as knowledge representation format). ALMA demonstrates how KIX is easy to extend via its plug-in mechanism. KIX will support the review intensive process of encoding any well understood business or technical domain. Once a formal model exists it can immediately be used in ALMA for interactive scalable conceptual training of staff less familiar with the domain in question.

Please try the ALMA demonstration free of charge.

If you are in any way interested in discussing any of the above services don't hesitate to contact us.

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