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Component Architecture with Very Small Foot-print

MetaAgility has designed and implemented a generic component OO-framework with a very small foot-print; the framework architecture supports

  • dynamic loading and linking of simplified Plug-n-Play components.
  • third party linking which offers access to objects in other components with no extra run-time overhead.
  • maximal physical decoupling between component classes and framework classes by a systematic use of the Interface Discovery design pattern.

The component OO-framework is

  • intended to serve as a source template for white box reuse.
  • targeted at specialised domains with demanding non-standard requirements like
    • real time with very fast guaranteed response times (< 1 ms) from complex networks of interacting components (like complex feed-back control of fast processes).
    • components requiring framework support from specialised legacy services.
    • components needing full access to the main application event loop.

The component OO-framework allows

  • component deployment and other application initialisation issues to be controlled from a database, while
  • the same database may define any peer-to-peer collaboration issues related to the framework application.

The first client adaptation of the framework is now in production use. The adaptation required the addition of a large number of framework service interfaces to client legacy services. This version was implemented in 3600 source lines during a period of 4 man months. The adaptation was done by one of the clients procedural C programmers on his first OO project. He was retrained in OO programming during the same 4 months period using training methods developed by MetaAgility.

MetaAgility will provide any agreed level of support to its clients when adopting these powerful component framework methods.

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