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KIX application area - Engineering and Design

KIX is suitable for document development and document maintenance when high precision content is called for, especially if some of the stakeholders are remote. In particular this is so when documents are used to derive other documents or activities from, so called controlling documents (e.g. budgets, contracts, specifications, requirements, designs, application sources).

KIX has strong document work flow support suitable for distributed collaboration.

  • Full on-line document version control.
  • Document stakeholders may subscribe to live documents.
    • Remote subscriptions are supported, i.e. subscription may be registered to remote KIX servers.
  • Stakeholder notification of changes to subscribed documents.
  • Powerful document version comparison tools.
  • Stakeholder feedback via targeted web conferences.
    • The document review plugin allows for one threaded web conference per document line.
    • Stakeholder notification of relevant web conference activities.
  • Dependencies between live documents are supported even if the documents are stored on different KIX servers.
    • A hotspot in the KIX framework allows for automation of the management of such dependencies.
  • Document versions and their related discussion are remembered on-line with associated contexts for as long as is required (usually the life time of the organisation/collaboration).

Collaborative engineering work would therefore benefit from the support of KIX.

KIX was originally designed to support collaborative-science-on-the-large (CERN, ISS, EFDA-JET and ITER). Engineering support is a natural KIX spin-off.

The high level of excellence required in engineering would make it particularly suitable for support from KIX.

For more information on KIX see the KIX overview.

[ Federation of four KIX collaboration servers ]

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