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Business Agility and New Technology

The Overwhelming Need for Business Agility

In order to stay competitive a business needs to

  • cut costs,
  • adapt to new market conditions,
  • try to become a market leader.

These activities require an ability to change and adapt, i.e. to become a lean and agile business.

Technology Drives Agile Change

New technology has since long been a powerful driving force for competitive change. Recently IT and the Internet have been dramatic drives for change of business activities.

But this only the beginning. New and better information technology is needed to dramatically improve the agility of businesses:

  • Integrated support is needed for distributed decision making including integrated support for
    • implementation of decisions,
    • decision support work flow,
    • organisational memory, and
    • dependency management.
  • There is a need for high performance agile IT platforms which separates
    • business issues from
    • IT platform issues.
  • Modelling of many aspects of business offerings is required. This is to enable the economy of scale in the handling of core business knowledge to allow
    • rapid reuse of business knowledge in improved offerings to customers, and
    • automatic deployment of business change into training modules to allow focused, inexpensive and fully scalable staff training.
  • Continues improvement needs to be integrated into the business IT systems and needs to available in all relevant business IT interfaces.

New Technology for Agile Change

MetaAgility has during the last decade developed new software technologies with the aim of providing low cost business solutions to implement the above:

  • KIX collaboration framework for agile decision support.
  • CFW component framework for agile high performance applications.
  • CCL - Common Configuration Language - for agile use of RDF for configuration data.
  • Alma web based training for agile staff training.
  • X3P extensible protocol for agile integration of networked application.
  • Structured Reasons for agile exception management.
  • DataBox for agile data transport including exception management.

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