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MetaAgility Current Projects

KIX Collaboration Framework Development

[ Federation of four KIX collaboration servers ]

Develop the KIX collaboration framework further for easy installation:

  • Produce KIX versions descriptions on web-site (not only in the Software Distribution Folder).
  • Produce KIX installation guide on the web-site.

Other issues on the wish list:

  • Test and use KIX in many real life projects in particular in Collaborative Science projects.
  • Implement the remaining three framework hot-spots.
  • Improve KIX web interface usability even further.

X3P Protocol Development

Develop the X3P protocol to become an acceptable industry standard:

ALMA E-learning Application Development

  • Specify ALMA framework hot-spots for advanced ALMA exercise presentations.

Common Configuration Language - CCL

The Common Configuration Language project is part of the software development that MetaAgility runs in collaboration with its current main client UKAEA/EFDA-JET (see contract arrangements).

CCL is based on RDF. CCL is essentially a TCL based RDF serialisation.

CCL has already been in production use at EFDA-JET for more than three years.

  • Integrate CCL use better with JET configuration release mechanisms.
  • Integrate CCL with web-based display of conceptual modelling at JET.
  • Implement a ccl2nt processing plug-in component for KIX.

DataBox development

Develop the generic DataBox envelope concept to be used first in the X3P API.

Structured Reasons

Structured Reasons provide an XML vocabulary for exception handling reports. A pilot version of this XML vocabulary is already in use in a number of client contexts. The pilot version is ready for promotion as an open standard XML vocabulary e.g. with W3C (see

Although, the XML vocabulary provided by Structured Reasons is a very small, it is still a very good example of the kind of details that are absolutely necessary to standardise, in order to progress at all with open software adaptability under collaboration. For example the above peer-to-peer negotiations over configuration conflicts would be extremely difficult to implement in a domain independent manner without Structured Reasons.

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