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Portfolio of Advanced Software Projects

Core individuals at MetaAgility Knowledge Engineering has (or have had) a leading role in the following projects relevant to the mission of MetaAgility Knowledge Engineering.

KixFw - the KIX Collaboration Framework. This is a web-based collaboration framework for distributed data sharing, knowledge development and knowledge refinement. The process supported by Kix is based on the distributed use of knowledge and the distributed feedback from its real use. See also the Kix technology overview.

KIX is now an Open Source Project at

EFDA-JET: (European Fusion Development Agreement) More than 10 years of designs and implementations of OO-frameworks and OO-interfaces in the highly complex technical environment of EFDA-JET. Design and implementation of dynamic linking of Plug-n-Play component systems. Design of a configuration service to support OO-framework assembly of black-box software components into complex working applications. In particular this supports the dynamic linking and run-time configuration of reusable software components into an interacting web of components, which forms the actual plant control applications.

IAR Systems AB: Implementation of portable support for dynamic linking of Plug-n-Play. Design and implementation of multi-layered OO-frameworks to support the source oriented debugger C-SPY and its emulation of microprocessor execution and binary code disassembly (Mitsubishi M16C and Samsung SAM8 processors).

Scanditronix Medical AB: Design and implementation of an OO-framework to support the flexible implementation of embedded control applications.

Datalab International (UK) Ltd: Design of an OO-framework for a Web oriented products & services information system, which dynamic linking of components for user interface and search engine functions were configured from a relational database.

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