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MetaAgility Seeking Business Partners for Strategic Collaborations

MetaAgility is currently negotiating a strategic partnership with Functor AB. This is in relation to the KIX™ collaboration framework and Functor's ground breaking technology in programming.

MetaAgility Knowledge Engineering is in general actively seeking suitable clients and business allies for the formation of strategic collaborations around the efficient solution to the problem of business agility in particular in R&D. The services, which has been developed by MetaAgility to address these problems, need to encounter real business environments in order to become even better.

At MetaAgility we are particularly interested in forming alliances with organisations that are involved in complex direct B2B collaborations. We are especially interested in collaborating with organisations, that experience difficulties with business change and agility in particular in those business areas, which are affected by technical B2B collaborations.

At MetaAgility we seriously believe that our approach to business agility can bring substantial medium and long term benefits to clients, especially those involved in technical B2B collaborations. If you are at all interested in discussing such a partnership please don't hesitate to contact us.

We would appreciate any comments or questions.
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2012-04-16 12:45

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