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X3P Perl Module

KixFw depends on the X3P module when KIX is configured in federation with other KIX servers.

X3P is a negotiating and extensible peer-to-peer protocol implemented over HTTP (see the X3P overview).


The source is GPL'ed and available here:

Version 1.4 (10 Feb 2013)
Gzipped tarfile X3P-1.4.tar.gz (10.2K) (Change log)
Version 1.3 (22 Aug 2008)
Gzipped tarfile X3P-1.3.tar.gz (9.6K) (Change log)
Version 1.2 (5 May 2008)
Gzipped tarfile X3P-1.2.tar.gz (9.3K)
Version 1.1 (30 Apr 2008)
Gzipped tarfile X3P-1.1.tar.gz (9.3K)
Version 1.0 (4 Apr 2008)
Gzipped tarfile X3P-1.0.tar.gz (9.2K)
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