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DocReview KixFw plugin

KixPlugin-DocReview is a plugin for the KixFw framework. It extends the KIX document model with individual source lines. It allows for a threaded web conference for each such line.


The source is GPL'ed and available here:

Version 1.7 (4 January 2012)
Gzipped tarfile KixPlugin-DocReview-1.7.tar.gz (14K) (Change log)

Version 1.6 (12 June 2009)
Gzipped tarfile KixPlugin-DocReview-1.6.tar.gz (12K) (Change log)
Version 1.5 (22 Aug 2008)
Gzipped tarfile KixPlugin-DocReview-1.5.tar.gz (11K) (Change log)
Version 1.4 (1 Aug 2008)
Gzipped tarfile KixPlugin-DocReview-1.4.tar.gz (11K)
Version 1.3 (7 Jul 2008)
Gzipped tarfile KixPlugin-DocReview-1.3.tar.gz (10K)
Version 1.2 (26 Jun 2008)
Gzipped tarfile KixPlugin-DocReview-1.2.tar.gz (10K)
Version 1.1 (10 Jun 2008)
Gzipped tarfile KixPlugin-DocReview-1.1.tar.gz (10K)
Version 1.0 (3 Jun 2008)
Gzipped tarfile KixPlugin-DocReview-1.0.tar.gz (9.1K)
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