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Version 1.6 of the KIX™ Collaboration Framework - 2008-06-27

Version 1.6 of the KIX™ Collaboration Framework has been released. The main news are:

  • document version compare at ediff level of functionality,
  • a simplified state machine for document versions,
  • different state machines for document versions may be configured via plugin modules.

See MetaAgility Software Distribution for download distribution files.

DocReview Plugin released as Open Source for the KIX™ Framework - 2008-06-02

The KixPlugin::DocReview perl module has now been released as open source. It allows for very detailed distributed collaboration of documents under review and development; every document source line is supported by its own indendent threaded web conference.

Please see MetaAgility Software Distribution for a download distribution file.

In order to support the new plugin the KIX™ web framework has been upgraded with support for a new IUriMapper plugin interface, which allows plugins to map its own objects into the KIX server namespace.

Federated KIX™ is available as Open Source - 2008-04-04

The federated KIX™ version is now available as an open source download at MetaAgility Software Distribution. You will also need the X3P, MetaAgility-DataBox and MetaAgility-Reason distribution modules, which can be found at the same URL. Furthermore you will need several open source perl modules from Python Technology.

Federated KIX™ is ready - 2007-09-22

[ Federation of four KIX collaboration servers ] The federated version of the KIX™ Collaboration Framework is now ready for distribution. It uses the X3P protocol to provide an extensible peer-2-peer link between different KIX servers.

KIX is developed by MetaAgility Knowledge Engineering. It is an advanced web service framework for knowledge development, knowledge application and extensible knowledge integration. It provides strong support for distributed stake holder collaboration, no matter where in the world the individuals are located or to which organisation the individuals belong.

MetaAgility Knowledge Engineering makes KIX™ available free to its clients on an open source license.

Oxfordshire BCS branch talk - 2007-09-22

Sverker Griph (MBCS, CITP) from MetaAgility Knowledge Engineering will give a BCS branch talk about IT at the JET fusion research project in Oxfordshire.

The talk is scheduled for January 24th 2008. See here for more details.

Web site launch - 2005-05-22 was launched in early 2005. This web site is dedicated to knowledge engineering. This is our term for a systematic approach to the use of knowledge, which is centred around business value. It is based on emerging international standards for knowledge representation and generic open source software dedicated to the agile use of knowledge. The objective is to systematically assist our business clients with the development of a superior level of agility in their delivery of products and services.

MetaAgility Knowledge Engineering is currently developing KEEP™ - a highly structured approach to knowledge engineering. KEEP is short for Knowledge Engineering Execution Process. Read more about KEEP here.

This web site is based on several different group-ware packages (all open source) such as WikiWiki (several flavours), FAQ-o-Matic and the KIX™ web framework.

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