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Opportunities to Investment in MetaAgility

The main financing principle of MetaAgility Knowledge Engineering will be that the income of each project should at least cover its costs, overhead included. However, from time to time there will be projects, where it is not reasonable, that the first client pays for a project in full. This is obviously the case when a project includes the development of costly deliverables, which can easily be reused in future projects.

When a project has a significant element of such investment, a project finance plan will be created. If the financing needs of the project is bigger than can comfortably be accommodated from company profits, external finance will be sought. In such cases it will be normal to issue new company shares or share options, which will, as a norm, be offered to the parties having a direct interest in the project in question.

The project stake holders involved may, however, for various reasons not wish to accept such offers, in which case the current offer may be redirected to other external persons or bodies. Under such circumstances venture capital might be an acceptable source of finance, provided no conditions detrimental to the mission of MetaAgility are attached.

Should you wish to receive investment offers in MetaAgility, when such opportunity arise, please register your interest via the form on the Contact us page. Such an interest registration is obviously not associated with any obligations on your behalf, what so ever.

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