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ALMA - Agile Learning from MetaAgility

Welcome to the ALMA™ Demonstration.

ALMA™ is an Agile Learning framework developed by MetaAgility Knowledge Engineering.

To use the free ALMA demonstration you may either create a guest account and login. Otherwise you may use the ALMA demonstration temporarily without an account. An account is, however, necessary if you want ALMA to remember your learning progress between sessions.

The ALMA demonstration presents two beginner courses:

  • The RDF schema system (RDFS).
  • The OWL Vocabulary - (the schema based on RDFS).

There are also two ALMA demonstration courses, which illustrates the use of RDF in generic domain modelling:

  • Some European Cities.
  • Schema for Model of European Cities.
These courses will stay free as long as the resource demands put by them remain acceptable.

ALMA is an experimental interactive learning system still under rapid development. One of its main objectives is to quickly teach wellknown domains at low cost. The only requirement is that the knowledge domain can be represented formally as a knowledge graph. The ALMA backroom applications are capable of translating such knowledge graphs to interactive ALMA training modules. ALMA is thought to be particularly suitable for teaching areas such as domain vocabularies and taxonomies.

Formal representation of conceptual knowledge may not be immediately available in most traditional knowledge domains. However, this is expected to change in the near future, partly as a biproduct of the Semantic Web Activity within the W3C.

Meanwhile there is an abundance of technical information on human artifacts, such as standards, technical products and technical services, which are immediately available in such a form, that they easily translate into knowledge represented as graphs.

ALMA is in itself based on RDF technology. RDF is a recent standard for knowledge representation from W3C. RDF stands for the Resource Description Framework. RDF is a key development, which will make it possible to describe knowledge about web content with high semantic precision, i.e. on of the main goals for the Semantic Web Activity.

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